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Suratgarh is located in the ganganagar district of rajasthan, its situated inside the tropic of cancer and equator on the north of equator 29.19 degrees at an elevation of approximately 170m.

It features a very dry, hot and arid climate with minimal rain (hot desert climate) due to being in close proximity with thar desert.

The conditions are extremely harsh as yearly rain is recorded YTD is less than 10 inches and temperatures in summers can rise above 120 F with an average of 90-95 F.

Winters are generally cool but not very cold. Humidity recorded YTD avarages below 50% and never crosses 50% mark in any month individually as well.

We classified the landrace varieties originating from this region as “Equatorial/Long flowering Zone” due to elevation less than 1500m and latitude less than 33 degrees.

The flowering duration on these are quite long as they can flower for close to 16-18 weeks without much yields.

The usual smell present in the plants is that of minty/floral and hashy. The effects are lesser known for smoking as much of it is used in creating edibles infused with whole plant extracts, which is known to induce a very potent high also psychedelic in nature but that is mostly due to the chemical reaction which takes place upon ingestion of activated cannabis resin.

However it still delivers a very peaceful cerebral high which can be felt around the head.