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North Indian Redstem from the remote parts of Dhauladhar ranges, (Southern outer ranges of himalayan foothills) Represents a very primordial form of Himalayan Cannabis which has a characteristic deep redstem trait which begins with the onset of flowering. Although the redstem trait can be seen in all of the Indian and some of northern pakistani Cannabis as well however all of those varieties yield somewhat appreciable and has higher amounts of cannabinoids compared to the North Indian redstem variety collected from Dhauladhar ranges. The north Indian redstem variety expresses very little floral bract production with average trichome production which are very small in size.

It flowers around 13-15 weeks as it grows below 33° N at altitudes higher than 1500 meters.

The resin smells very minty/eucalyptus vapour rub like and only produces a very mild but relaxing high, mostly felt behind eyes and on the face.

Most of the higher altitude cannabis plants in Himalayas and even the south Indian varieties share the red stem trait and seems to have branched off of the same Population but only adapted to their respective habitats. 

Its difficult to say what must have homogenised the red stem trait in Indian Cannabis so thoroughly but it can be seen from Kerala to Kashmir in almost every variety .