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Niti valley lies within the confines of Nanda Devi biosphere reserve and sits right at the southern Indo-Tibetan border. It’s a high altitude NLD, the region ranges from 3300 Meters to 3800 Mtrs. Niti valley lies 18 kms ahead of Malari village, can only be visited after taking permission from the SDM at joshimath town.

It’s a strongly army guarded region because it borders with Tibet/Chinawhich makes it very important and accessible during warm months. It’s not advised to go look for cannabis around this area as without local supervision, one can be subjected to suspicion and apprehended by the armed forces. The weather is very harsh and unforgiving, it stays covered in snow from later october till early may and even in warm months the night time temperature can go as low as 3-5 degree Celsius.

The plant that grows here naturally is a short season/ so unlike Equatorial varieties it flowers out and finishes within 10 weeks and produces specifically fruity and floral, artificial candy like sweet terpenes, which are very consistent throughout, with little to no variations. The plants don’t grow very vigourous or produce big yields, the bid structure will mostly be of foxtail strings of colorful, vibrant bracts.

The plants don’t grow taller than 6-7 feet and fall under the category type-B , which are observed only after crossing tapovan where more dry and arid terrier is seen. Which is constituted of mineral rocks, granite and silica. Minimal flora-fauna and area resembles to many higher latitude arid dry places.