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Manipur is a north eastern state of India which borders with Assam, Nagaland and Burma, it shares the characteristic wet/tropical weather with a little more tangible differences in summer and winter Temperatures.

The usual flowering time is around 14 weeks with maximum 16 weeks, plants expresses an amazing structure and shows vigorous lateral branching which stretches like veins in flowering and creates an octopus like shape of finished plant. The flowers are slim/slander and express colours on leaves towards the end of the flowering with decreasing night temperatures. Flavours range from berries/floral woody to a bit hashy with good intensity as well.

It generally gives of a very floral/berry dominated smell with green plants seemingly more floral and purple ones more berries like, with that said there’s a considerable woody undertone to the whole flavour, which is more of a pine wood oil notes mixed with fresh wood chip smell. The effects are very strong, especially felt around the head but uplifting and energizing, which builds up rapidly.

The End of the year is a particularly festive time for North east/East Indian Cannabis farmers since it’s close enough to equator for the flowering to stretch upto 14-16 Weeks and ripen around December, while places even closer to equator (Less than 15° from Equator) tend to go upto 20 weeks (e.g. Vietnam, Philippines) and only begin to come down around end of January or beginning of February.