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Assam HashPlant

Assam Hash plant comes from the north -eastern state of India “Assam” from the tropical- rainforest like environment of Barak valley situated on the western border shared with Manipur. These pure narrow leaf varities can grow very tall (upto 3-4 mtrs) with intense side branching and slim but long colas which reek of tropical fruits / spearmint.

Barak valley is a warm/very humid jungle, where the weather stays wet and humid throughout the year with little changes it does receive a lot of rain which is highest amongst Indian states.

The plants hence have great ability to mitigate risks like mildew or mold, they thrive in coastal/equatorial outdoors , however can be managed at higher latitudes with light dep. Technique.

This pure landrace finishes approximately in 16-18 weeks, with great yields of lime green flowers, which are covered in decent amount of trichomes and reek of tropical fruit/floral smell.