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Waichin Valley

Waichin valley is situated in the larger NorthWestern Himalayas which encompasses multiple other traditional Cannabis hot spots, but all with an identically poised subtropical Monsoon influenced climate. Valley receives nearly 100 mm of rain in the september month alone in a normal year, which is basically in the middle of the flowering term of local cannabis populations.

The waichin valley Cannabis populations are quite resistant towards the diseases and pests typically arising from a wet cold weather.

The exceptional dry-cold weather does bring about some of the most fascination hues of purples, reds and blacks. They hold their own during the rainfall and sub-zero nights quite nicely, with a decent resin production. The plants exude a strong aromatic experience as soon as one gets near the plants, can easily experience the fragrant aura lingering in the air.

Similar to other valleys in the malana it too falls in the B.2 Zone (subtropical highlands) and the flowering typically takes place for 11-13 weeks from August to october end. Many deep and fascinating scents could be found on various plants in the waichin valley, the most commonly occurring smells being – pine, cherry, mango, floral incense type.