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Wailing Valley

Wailing Valley is situated 7 kms east of the Malana village, located in Malana Valley (Himachal Pradesh, India). The 7 Kms upward hike is steep and causes a sudden change in altitude from roughly 2400 to 3000+ mtrs.

This valley is much more secluded and less visited/inhabited as it is mainly used for prolific cannabis cultivation. The Valley typically remains shut for visitors and only a handful of families in the village actually own land in wailing valley, with most other families having fields in Magic and waichin valley which have been open to tourism due to their easy accessibility.

The Domesticated Cannabis populations in wailing valley show a considerable difference, in smell, size and form, from rest of the valleys at
lower altitudes, here the plants tend to ripen a bit faster compared to other surrounding valleys and has a diverse array of flavours like ripe
mango, cherries, wine, body odor ,floral, naphthalene and incense being just some of the common ones.

The flowering buds are usually bigger, chunkier and have denser resin coverage, which has an extremely sticky texture to it. The Valley falls under the Zone B.2 (subtropical highlands) and the flowering usually spans between 11-13 weeks where most plants finish flowering around mid to end of the october.