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Tosh Valley

Tosh Valley is situated inside the larger parvati valley adjacent to Malana valley, Parvati is home to a lot of different valleys that contains
numerous villages growing and producing charas for ages.

Parvati valley is situated a little higher up in the latitude compared to malana, almost at 33 N and at an altitude above 2000 meters.
Tosh valleys also falls inside the larger span of the subtropical highlands of the north western himalayas ad shares a similar climate to
all the other valleys with a snowfall around late november.

Tosh is one of the most influential valleys in terms f resin extraction, one of the most celebrated and sought after charas is extracted
and is associated with this valley in parvati region.

It is known for its characteristic citrusy/lime flavour as tosh harvests its plants a bit early in the flowering, their charas is usually not as
high in quality as some of the malana extracted charas at the apex of the season but it induces a very uplifting and energetic high whichis the signature of this valley.

The plants are adapted to flower under wet and cold conditions without fungal diseases or tissue rot. The valley lies in the B.2 Zone
(subtropical highlands) and plants typically flower for 11-13 weeks.