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kashmir (Barramulla)

Barramulla is situated at the central southern territories of
kashmir (indian occupied), and borders with sophore, and
srinagar in the south kashmir. Barramulla valley is famous for
its vast apple orchards along with the famed varieties of
cannabis that grows out here.
Surprisingly the famed varieties in barramulla tend to flower
a bit longer however they grow taller more vigorous and yield
a lot more than any other kashmir variety from the indian

The farmers at baramulla Have been farming and selecting
these plants over many decades which has shaped a very
homogenous looking population of a medium long flowering
heirloom variety, that boasts flavours such as very floral
/sweet, jasmine flower like aromas mixed with sweet and
spicy undertones.

The Baramulla valley receives a fair share of monsoon rains and stays quite humid through July, august and
September however the plants are well adapted to the cold-wet to wet-warm conditions wherein they flower out
without any apparent issues in the flowers or the resin quality.

When grown in outdoor settings the plant can grow very tall upto 12 ft+ with aggressive side branching.
Indoors plant can be managed to a smaller height as well by training early in life. The flowering period range from
12 weeks to 14 weeks which is slightly more than that of any other kashmir variety.

The finished flowers carry beautiful and intense aromas of floral jasmine to sweet and mix spices in various ratios. The yields can be very rewarding to above average depending on the growing style and conditions but it’s always more than the other Kashmir varieties which notoriously yield very little but laced with layers of trichomes.