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Kalimpong (Darjeeling WB)

Kalimpong features a Subtropical highland climate or Monsoon-influenced temperate oceanic climate. While it sees a heavenly rainfall during the warm months with temperature not exceeding 30°C, the coldest months are relatively drier and colder without snowfall.

The plants in farmed population were exceptionally large and exhibited an incredible structure which can support massive yields with no worry of winds knocking down the crop, except for an occasional branch here and there Buds doesn’t have a promising leaf/bract ratio, but with its pungent floral/lemongrass smell it more than makes up for it.

It induces a very uplifting euphoric high and without the heaviness in body/chest, which seemed ideal for getting immersed in an activity of art or music.

The flowering takes place from mid august till December almost around 16+ weeks, not much colours except for a few plants in wild/undomesticated population. Our team made a few selections , including one from the massive green plants from farmed population.

And another from wild with a little hint of colours in fading leaves, growing in middle of the village.