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Cambodia Mekong River Delta

One of the lesser known Cannabis regions exists around the Mekong river delta in Cambodia where Rice fields and palm trees is a common sight. It’s situated in south east Asia, along with Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, some of the other more known countries for Cannabis hotspots.

It shares the Quintessential Tropical wet/monsoon climate similar to its neighbouring countries, also situated close to The Equator supporting dense evergreen and deciduous vegetation across the country.

Mekong river is the most influential river systems in south East Asia, which flows through countries like China, Laos, cambodia , Thailand. In Cambodia it has a rather unique influence as it enters the country on a downstream into the central flat lands at phnom penh the main river splits into many small streams around the mekong river delta.

Tonle sap river basin from the mekong river delta in cambodia supports a number of small and large ecosystems , the alluvial deposits from the monsoon flooding around the mekong river delta spreads outwards into the central plains depositing the rich mineral based layers of the Alluvial soil.

Which is important for the farmers to support their rice plantation during monsoon. The in and out flow of the Tonle sap river basin depends on the water levels at the beginning of the mekong river delta, which increases and decreases with rainy and non-rainy parts of The year.

Cambodia, is a South-East Asian Cannabis Region, situated close to Equator at 12 56°N – 104.99 E. At Almost Sea levels, where even Relative highlands go up to a maximum altitude of 1000-1200 meters, where Cannabis can still be found growing Naturally.

The Natural Undomesticated populations grow in a rampant fashion throughout the country. Cambodia is surrounded by countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Laos well-known for Long flowering/Drug varieties, and Gulf of thailand to it’s west,

The indigenous Natural Cannabis varieties from Cambodia also flowers 20+ weeks and Induce Extremely strong cerebral effects, as it shares a similar Equatorial climate at almost 12/12 year around.

Most of the plants produce flavours ranging from sweet to acrid base with Majorly spicy, floral and lemon grass like smell.