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Pulwama (Kashmir)

Undomesticated Landrace Variety from Central Kashmir (Pulwama Distt.) Close to 80+% plants express Colours during the late and early part of the flowering cycle, in the local undomesticated/Wild population. Which grows out unattended in and around the Farmed Cannabis and can be recognized easily by a weak/feeble stature but produces an amazingly high amount of resin on the small flowers, giving it a whitish appearance at times. The resin smells extremely sweet leaning heavily towards grape candy, and berries with a small percentage towards the sweet/citrusy side.

Pulwama is a very
sensitive region in
terms of
situations and often
is subjected to
closures, while fire
fighting between
army and terrorists
is just another day.
Pulwama is also
well known for its
prolific challi Hash
production which is
basically dry sieved
hashish baked
inside of the corn