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Orissa gold comes from the east of India, which is close to equator and not only borders with other southeastern states like Andhra Pradesh but also borders with north-eastern states like West Bengal. The overall feel of the climate is humid/hot and tropical as it’s a coastal state, unlike Kerala and some other Indian coastal states, temperature can see a maximum of 38-40 Celsius as it begins to climb from April until July after which monsoon rains brings it down to a typical wet-tropic temp ranges with min and max between 24-30 Celsius.

still being very close to equator this variety flowers very long (approx. 18-20 weeks) and produce signature long flowering active/euphoric High, with predominantly floral aromas coupled with very complex incense/temple ash kind of smell such as Nag Champa.

The yields are quite phenomenal and long flowering certainly does pay off with Orrisa Gold. This feral cultivar is very comfortable with high amounts of heat and humidity, and thrives with minimal feeding and care.Mostly suitable for outdoor full season or greenhouse light dep (for higher latitudes)

(Collected in 2016 near, Andhra-orissa Border (AOB) through a ganja farmer.)