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Kashmir, (Jhelum Basin) Neelum district

This broad leafed and very short plant variety comes from the neelum district of azad kashmir or POK, which is at the neelum river banks which joins the jhelum river in its course at muzaffarabad, these are highly fertile regions although devastated by the 2005 earthquake the agriculture remains one of the main economic force.

These seeds were collected from un-farmed varieties growing near the river basin.

From 3 different plants grown out of this stock, we have found floral/lavender , berries and sweet mango with acrid foul flavours. Grown at India, Rotterdam and Michigan USA.

The plant flowered out very fast every time with great resin production but very leafy and and very small yields of actual floral bracts.

The plant size remained remarkably short and had almost no stretch during flowering stage with huge fan leaves, of dark bottle green color.